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CD'S - Donation and $2 shipping
(NEW RELEASE: SEPT. 2005 - CD only)
Power Power In The Name Of Jesus, We've Got The Power, I Can't Even Walk, Crayon Box song, Don't Point A Finger, The Lighthouse, God On The Mountain, There's A Miracle, Master Of The Wind, This Ole House, Talkin' 'Bout People, He's Still In The Fire, Feeling At Home, Speak The Word, I'm Getting Ready To Leave This World.   
Songs include:
This Old House, God on the Mountain, Everlasting Joy, Nobody Saved But Me, Crayon Box Song, Lighthouse, It's Me Again Lord, When Your Back is To The Wall, Just A Little Talk With Jesus, Jesus Saves, Don't Point A Finger
This project was recorded at Lodge Baptist Church in Lodge, IL on March 1996.  We had a good time of ministry at Lodge.
This is an hour long tape.
Songs include:
Light My Fire, God's Gonna Do The Same, This Ole House, Sail Away Home, O I Want To See Him, I'll Be Listening, We've Got The Power, Nobody Saved But Me, It's Me Again Lord, Old Gospel Ship, Everlasting Joy, Where The Soul Never Dies, He's Makin' Gold, We Are Those Children, Why Should God Bless America, CampMeeting, Where Could I Go, Ten Thousand Years, In a Moment, I'm Going Home With Jesus, Sanctuary. 
Songs include:
Heaven's Jubilee, O I Want To See Him, Old Time Religion, Come & Dine, An Old Account Was Settled, I Am Determined, Where The Soul Never Dies, Amazing Grace, Old Time Power, Our Lord's Return To Earth, Just Over In The Gloryland, Sweet By & By, The Gloryland Way, Are You Washed In The Blood
Jesus Made A Difference, I Love The Holy Bible, The New Jerusalem, I Know My Jesus Loves Me, God Cares For Me, Everything's Alright, I'm Gonna Grow Up Serving Jesus, I'm Special, That Land of Heaven, Jesus Is The Reason, The Holy City, God Wants Me To Be Me
All songs on this tape were written by Ray or Cindy.  Some songs on this tape are for children and that is why our son recorded this tape when he was 8 years old.
He's Still In The Fire, I Lean On You Lord, It Wasn't Raining, Awesome God, Shepherd Boy, Daddy's Hands, Ain't No Grave, Jesus Fan, Addicted To Jesus.
- These were recorded by our son Matthew when he was 12 years old.
These messages were recorded during a church service.  Most are an hour long but some are 90 minutes. This is a good way to hear the Word of God in the comfort of your home or car.
You will hear Preaching from Ray and Teaching from Cindy.
If you like good Bible messages - these are ones to have and listen to.
Ray & Cindy formerly pastored churches in Springfield, Auburn, Browning and Jacksonville - all in Illinois.
Ray's Preaching Tapes Available:
The Battle Is Not Yours But God's
Prove Me
Sheep, Sheepdogs & Shepherds
A Remnant Restored
Stir It Up
A Man Called Noah
The Law of Faith
Trust Him!
Trophies In Hell
God's Chosen Special People
Fed Up & Fired Up
Turning The World Upside Down
Our Christian Birthright
The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Come Forth
Cindy's Teaching Tapes Available
Where Is Your Treasure?
Seeking Him Whom My Soul Loveth
United We Stand
Grow In Grace

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The New Jerusalem Singers - Springfield, IL