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The Original Group Members 1989 - Our First Sing
Ray, Cindy, Mary and Paul (Matthew was on electronic drums)

Who We Are:
Formed in 1989, The New Jerusalem Singers sing Southern Gospel music. We've had the opportunity to minister the gospel through music in churches with various affiliations, crossing denominational lines, as well as in independent churches.  It does not matter where we go to sing, we want Jesus to be uplifted.

We have also led Praise & Worship in various settings. We use to pastor a church and loved the Praise & Worship because it drew people closer to God. If you were feeling down, it lifted you up.  If you would like for us to come and lead Praise & Worship or teach a session, just ask.

The New Jerusalem Singers will come to your church for a love offering. We firmly believe that God will supply all of our needs...and He has. We ask for a love offering and the opportunity to set up our table of tapes and merchandise. This helps us in our ministry so that we don't have to charge a huge fee to any church.

We will work within the budgets of fairs, festivals, gospel sings and the many other events we partipate in.  To request our music at your event, just contact us and we can discuss the amount at that time.  We base our fee on the going rate of other groups participating as well as other aspects of the venue.    

We are selective of the songs we sing. Each song we sing must carry a message. Even the "fun" songs, as we like to call them, have quite a message to them.

Ray plays bass guitar and sings the lead. Cindy plays keyboards and sings alto. She sometimes will also play a guitar when they sing for an extended period of time. If need be, we can use some soundtracks.

It does not matter where we are invited to sing. Size is not a factor with us. God can move in the small setting as well as the large settings. The New Jerusalem Singers have had an opportunity to sing at family reunions, festivals, gospel sings, camps, churches, Sunday Schools, nursing homes, retirement villages, revivals  and individuals homes as well as other locations. All you have to do is ask for us to come. Contact us to get a date set up for your event. 

The New Jerusalem Singers consider 2005 to be a new beginning and that is why we released a new CD with a new sound entitled, A New Beginning.  Our ministry will continue to grow and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us.  Watch for a new hymn CD and also a new CD with songs written by both Ray and Cindy.     

We have a passion for ministry and a desire to encourage the Body of Christ through song.  Everyone needs a little lift from time to time.  "It's Not What's Over The Door",  (the denomination of your church) that matters to us, as long as you are "Saved by Grace".  We do not look at denominations - we are all Christians if you believe in Christ.

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Come expecting a good time in the Lord.
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